Civic Monuments

Bridgewater Historical Wall Mural

Civic Monuments for Municipal, Parks and Recreation

Use Granite Civic Monuments to enhance your Urban Landscape

We work closely with architects, designers and landscapers to enrich and intensify the beauty of your civic space. Shape, model and beautify your surroundings with civic monuments, historical walking paths, community signs, custom wall murals and custom outdoor signs.

We only use Granite of the utmost quality, ensuring superior results. Our craftsmanship breathes life into laser engraved Granite of every shape and size imaginable. Using our highly-defined techniques, even the minutest of details from the original artworks is transferred onto the stone, resulting in an incredible, innovative, and exquisite product.

Transform your urban landscape with Picture This On Granite’s civic monuments and applications ideas.

More Granite Civic Monument Projects

Pat Burns Arena Memorial Sign, QC

Pat Burns Arena Sign

Ten months after his death, the Pat Burns Arena was officially opened last year in Quebec’s Eastern Townships, honoring this legendary hockey coach. The 8 million dollar, 40,000 sq/ft state of the art arena seats more than…

Municipal Historical Marker, QC

Municipal Historical Granite Marker

Visit our Photo Gallery to view more pictures of past granite projects and design ideas. We are a laser etching on granite memorial company who designs, builds, delivers and installs memorials, civic monuments and more, across the US.

Torrington City Hall Memorial Mural, CT

Torrington City Hall Fallen Soldiers Wall Mural

Relocated from a second floor corridor, the veterans memorial wall feature was given prominence at the main entrance of the building in the design of a specially constructed granite alcove. This new architectural…