New Palmist Baptist Church of Zion engraved granite Honor Wall

How can Picture This On Granite help in my Fundraising?

Are you organizing fundraising events in order to get financial help to build a Memorial or Monument? Picture This On Granite can help!

Often, people would like to contribute to a project but they would like a little something that ensures timeless recognition, when donating. At Picture This On Granite, we offer all of our clients PG Certified Granite® donation plaques, bricks, pavers and more, that you can give to donors in exchange of a donation. The name and logos/insignia of the donors will then be PGHD® laser etched, shipped and delivered to their doorstep or installed near your memorial by Picture This On Granite.

Donors will have the satisfaction of contributing and their names will be forever connected to the memorial or monument they help built. They now have something timeless and beautiful to proudly display in their home, place of work or worship.

We will work with your committee to provide a program layout of quantities and a wholesale price for you, providing a profit for your noble cause. Contact us for more information and pricing.