Fundraising Solution Items

Picture This On Granite fundraising pavers bricks and plaques

Memorial Committees, families, charities, religious institutions, schools, all can benefit from our fundraising solutions

Depending on your fundraising needs, you can choose from our selection of Granite Pavers, Bricks, Plaques, Benches and other fundraising items. We can even design a Donor Wall to display the names of your donors as a timeless recognition of their contributions. So many options to choose from! If you choose from one of our laser engraved granite items to use in your fundraising efforts, you are guaranteed to have a truly unique product at an affordable quantity price.

Our PGHD® laser etching and engraving techniques allow for clean and crisp images and text, as well as the engraving of custom artwork such as logos or symbols that you may wish to offer to your donors. As with all of our products, we ensure that your etching will not contain cracks or blemishes, and will be the highest quality granite available in the industry.

The end result will be an everlasting tribute from your donors to your organization.