Church of Zion Honor Wall

martin luther king memorial
Dr. Martin Luther King Foot Soldiers Memorial
November 16, 2015
Bury Veterans Memorial Wall
Bury Veterans Memorial Wall
January 20, 2016

Church of Zion Honor Wall

Corporate New Psalmist Baptist Church Recognition engraved granite Wall

From Concept to Reality

For this project, Picture This On Granite designed and installed an Honor Wall in one of the open areas of the Church of Zion honoring the people who contributed to the building of the new Church. Visitors can now admire and enjoy reading of those who generously donated for their community.

Solid Black PG certified granite tablets

Three 48 inch x 84 inch x 3/4 inch thick black granite plaques High Definition laser engraved with the names of all the donors who help build the new Church of Zion. Even though the project was unveiled in 2010, new granite plaques are still being sent to the Church of Zion in order to add to the existing Honor Wall.

New Palmist Baptist Church of Zion engraved granite Honor Wall

Church of Zion Honor Wall, MD