Vietnam Memorials

Hillsborough Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Let us help you honor those who fought in this theater of war with an everlasting granite Vietnam Memorial.

Vietnam Memorials reflect an era of defining moments, and through granite memorials, we can honor those heroes who died, to protect the democracy of others. We can work with your committee to establish a budget, design, timeline, fundraising items, and put you in contact with other Vietnam Memorial committee’s across North America, to allow you to share your ideas and plans, and help you in supporting your Vietnam Memorial project.

Our Vietnam Memorials have depicted this story line, through text and artistic portrayals, engaging with a new generation learning about the Vietnam Veterans whom are still among us.

The Vietnam War was fought between North Vietnam—supported by the Soviet Union, China and other communist allies—and the government of South Vietnam—supported by the United States and other anti-communist allies. The U.S. conducted a large-scale strategic bombing campaign against North Vietnam, and over time, the North Vietnamese airspace became the most heavily defended in the world.

Picture This On Granite, has had the privilege of representing many Veterans through Vietnam Memorials across North America, and quite specifically, we have had the honor to work with those who served in the skies.

On August 15, 1973, direct U.S. military involvement came to an end. But the Vietnam war came with a huge human cost, in terms of fatalities: 58,220 U.S. service members died in the conflict.

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